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by:Topson     2020-07-12
As an aluminum producer, the region\'s increasingly prominent position is making aluminum cladding an increasingly popular building material.
Aluminum production in the Middle East will increase significantly in the short termto-medium term.
Market analyst Frost & Sullivan said the region is expected to contribute 15% of global aluminum production this year.
United Arab Emirates, World 4-
The largest aluminum producer accounts for more than 50% of the Gulf\'s aluminum production.
In the first half of 2012, the country\'s alumni exports increased by 102%, and the industry is expected to become a key non-
The oil industry of the future.
Walid Al Attar, chief marketing officer, Emirates Global Aluminum (EGA)
He said that about 60% of the region\'s major alumni capacity has been built since 2008, and about 57% of the new capacity represents regional investment by global investors.
The total production capacity of GSP is 2.
After Emal is fully put into operation, 4 m tons per year (
Emirates Aluminum)
At the end of last year in the second phase of the Harlem industrial zone.
\"With the successful completion of the Emal phase II project and the ongoing expansion and construction of the new Alumina refinery project, the future of the UAE aluminum industry is very exciting,\" said Rami Faour, business development manager, industrial consulting company.
\"The challenge and focus of the next few years will be to improve the production efficiency of existing factories.
In general, we believe that the aluminum industry in the UAE and other GCC countries is in good, healthy condition, and we Progesys want to be part of the different projects of GCC.
UAE managing director Mohammed halvan Obaid almesi Mali
BasedKamanza Aluminium said his company is keen to expand its business through growth in the Middle East market.
He said: \"2015 is a very important year for our company, and our forecast for the sustained growth and development of the whole country is very important.
Our current goal is to further identify our names and entities.
The rapid growth in the region will maximize the company\'s potential.
\"We look forward to the best in our region in the coming year,\" he added . \"
Production expansion in UAE
The smelting plant at the headquarters has highlighted this point, in your words, Eng.
UAE Energy Minister Suhail Mohamed Faraj Al maroeuei said that aluminum is our flagship industry of national development and continuous diversity.
\"Having such a wealth of raw materials at home could be a boon for the aluminum cladding industry, which is widely used in commercial and residential projects in the Middle East --
Used for building facades, interior cladding, and floors and ceilings. UAE-
Headquartered in Mulk Holding Group, which makes us-
The BrandedAlubond composite panel says the industry looks \"growing in 2015\" with good macroeconomic conditions
Fundamentals of the existing market and growing interest in new market aluminum composite panels.
Mulk chairman Nawab Shaji Ul Mulk said: \"The UAE is our largest market in the Gulf Cooperation Council and has been growing steadily since the successful bid for Expo 2020 Dubai.
Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait are developing steadily, with the new large-
Projects and aluminum cladding announced by these countries will play a key role in the project team.
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In addition, new product functions of aluminum composite panels have been introduced.
Leading architects and consultants working with aluminum cladding have combined likenano-
The surface in their project design.
\"Mulk said that Alubond USA has established a strategic partnership with Alupco, a market leader in aluminum profiles and curtain wall systems in Saudi Arabia.
\"We believe this partnership will be key to the future construction of aluminum cladding systems in Saudi Arabia,\" he added . \".
\"We estimate that the Saudi market will grow in double digits in the next five years.
\"Mulk believes that the facade will be transformed from a passive wall system to active components with additional energy, the ability to provide light and adjust moisture.
\"These will be beneficial and important developments because sharing energy costs with the facade will reduce project finance,\" he said . \".
\"I believe this may also lead to structural changes in the composition of the development team for the construction project.
\"He also said that after opening from India and Turkey in the past three years, Alubond hopes to build more factories in audi Arabia, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.
\"Our current output is 20 m² per year, with production units in the UAE, India, Serbia, Turkey and China,\" Mulksaid said . \".
\"With the addition of these new production modules, our goal is to achieve a production capacity of 25 m square metreby 2016.
\"At the same time, Rawlplug, a professional anchor and fixing system manufacturer, is currently in uae for Aabar, Arabtec, Damac Properties, GGICO, TKMN property, and national investment companies, among othersNIC).
\"The aluminum cladding market is growing rapidly, which is the largest in construction projects,\" said Mazen Malas, general manager of the Middle East . \".
\"We want to fully cover the Kuwait and Oman markets and penetrate oil and gas projects.
\"We believe in the importance of sustainability, so we are increasing the range of\" green buildings \", natural stone and aluminum cladding systems, and eco-environmental products
\"Friendly products for fire trap housing,\" he added . \".
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