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Characteristics of stainless steel etched plate

by:Topson     2022-05-02

Stainless steel etched plates are now widely used in various industries, so what are the characteristics of stainless steel etched plates and where are they used? Now let's explain.

Stainless steel etched plates are widely used in various industries, including elevator engineering, automobile decoration, hotel decoration, new house decoration, etc. Different pattern colors for different lines.

Various patterns are chemically etched on the stainless steel surface. Grinding, titanium plating, polishing and other complex processes are carried out on the stainless steel etching plate, so that the etching plate presents patterns and images with different patterns, different colors, and different light and shade, showing colorful patterns.

Various stainless steel etchings give us more choices, choose according to use and personal preferences, for personalized and fashionable home decoration, let life show different colors and make life more convenient and high quality. It is not corroded by oil fumes and water stains, making the decoration more dazzling and versatile.

This industry is also known as stainless steel printing plate, stainless steel corrosion-resistant plate, stainless steel checkered plate. Stainless steel etching plate is to chemically etch various patterns on the surface of stainless steel. Using 8K mirror panel, wire drawing panel and sandblasting panel as the bottom plate, the surface of the object is further processed after etching. Stainless steel etched plates can be processed through various complex processes, such as partial mixing, wire drawing, inlaying gold, partial titanium, etc. Stainless steel etching plate, can achieve the effect of light and dark patterns and brilliant colors. It can be used to manufacture copper plate, zinc plate and other printing embossing plates. It is also widely used to reduce the weight of instrument panels, nameplates and thin workpieces that are difficult to machine with traditional machining methods.

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