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Champagne gold stainless steel checker plate is a more common color

by:Topson     2022-10-10

Champagne gold stainless steel is a color branch of colored stainless steel. It is mainly plated with a layer of color on the surface of stainless steel by chemical or electroplating. Champagne gold is a more common color and can be found in some KTV hotels and other places. This color gives people a high-end atmosphere and a luxurious feeling. If it is used in a room, it can also emit a different charm with the light. At nine o’clock, some stainless steel wine cabinets also use champagne gold. In addition to the decorative effect, It can further enhance the noble and elegant feeling of the wine cabinet environment, and the guests staying there can also feel the top treatment. The color of the champagne is like this, which makes people feel comfortable and visually gorgeous.

The production process of champagne gold stainless steel pattern plate is complicated and the process is more complicated. Professional knowledge is required to make the color stainless steel through complicated processes. First of all, high-quality stainless steel pattern plate is required as the bottom plate, which is cut and washed. , After checking that there is no problem with the surface, it is used as a floor. The most common of these bottom plates is a mirror plate, 8K10K12K and so on. The higher the K, the better the effect of the plate, and the sandblasting plate is also a good choice.

For other processes, after the bottom plate is selected, special treatment can be carried out. For example, chemicals can be added to the mirror effect, and various patterns can be etched according to the template. Deep processing makes the stainless steel checker plate basically shaped.

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