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Casting classification of stainless steel sheet processing decorative line

by:Topson     2022-09-15

Stainless steel decorative lines are decorative lines formed by bending metal sheets. The profile frame lines have various shapes, some are right-angled lines, some are arc lines, and there are hundreds of profile shapes. Stainless steel decorative lines have excellent processing performance. What is the casting classification of stainless steel decorative lines? How much do you know about this problem? Topson will tell you about this problem below, hoping to help you.

1. Sand casting: low cost, small batch, can process complex shapes, but may require a lot of post-processing technology.

2. Investment casting / Lost wax casting: This processing method has good continuity and high precision, and can also be used for complex modeling processing. On the premise of relatively low processing cost, good surface rendering can be achieved, which is suitable for mass production.

3. Injection molding method: used for complex molds with large processing errors. Due to the characteristics of the process itself, no post-processing is required after the product is formed. However, the advantage of low cost can only be realized in the case of mass production.

4. Die casting method: The processing cost is high, and the cost is reasonable only in the case of mass production. However, the product cost is relatively low and the error is large, and it can be used to produce thin-walled parts.

5. Rotary casting: ideal method for machining small parts, often used in jewelry. Rubber models can be used to reduce processing costs. Directional Solidification: Produces a very strong superalloy with excellent fatigue resistance that can be injected into a mold and then removed through a tightly controlled heating and cooling process.

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