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Canada reveals final trade safeguards for heavy plate, stainless steel wire

by:Topson     2020-07-23
The Canadian order service announced the final \"guarantee\" additional tax on Friday, designed to protect the domestic steel industry from competition from cheap imported steel plates and stainless steel wires abroad.
Steel producers in Canada have been hoping that the federal government will also protect markets for other types of steel.
However, the Canadian International Trade Tribunal investigated the merits of implementing interim safeguards against five other products earlier this winter and reported that it did not have sufficient evidence to support a surge in foreign steel imports into domestic industries.
\"Canadian steel workers can rely on this government,\" Bill Morneausaid, the Treasury secretary of the House of Commons, confirmed last month that the final security surcharge applies only to two
The federal government has launched
Conduct a one-day consultation period with the industry to determine which other forms of protection and support may be required.
\"We are looking at a number of measures that we believe can support the industry,\" said Morneau . \".
Ottawa sees its choice as coming from Bob Bratina, a Liberal MP in Hamilton, Ontario.
He said the government was trying to identify measures that would \"achieve the same goal as the measures that the trade tribunal considers unreasonable \".
\"We can\'t do this, we will find another way,\" he said . \".
The Canadian Association of steel producers (CSPA) American Steelworkers union has warned that due to 25 cents of tariffs on foreign steel, steel imports from the United States may flood Canada and disrupt its market.
\"Steel is looking for a place to land,\" said CatherineCobden, president of CSPA . \".
\"Where did the surplus go?
It goes where there is no protection, no stability mechanism.
\"Unemployment and investment that does not enter the country will explain the problem.
\"The steel workers union says more than 600 workers have been fired due to recent market turmoil --
But some layoffs are temporary.
Some layoffs are at least partly due to a general slowdown in the Canadian resource industry, including delays in pipeline projects that require a lot of steel.
Steel industry delegates also said they believed that unless Canada extended the equivalent tariff wall around its border, the Trump administration would not be willing to cancel the \"national security\" tariff on Canadian steel and aluminum.
To prevent cheap steel from sneaking into the U. S. marketS.
Through the back door of CanadaTrans-
Written reply to questions raised by the United StatesS.
The Senate Finance Committee recently said that any \"solution\" to raise US tariffs needs to \"avoid a surge in imports and prevent cross-border
\"Shipment\" (steel shipped from other countries to the United States via CanadaS.
), Reduce excess production in overseas markets and help \"increase capacity utilization in the United States \".
\"The new security additional tax order came into effect on May 13, replacing the temporary additional tax imposed on all seven steel products on last October.
It does not apply to steel from the United States. S.
Canada will impose a separate retaliatory tariff on it.
Several classes of Mexican steel were initially subject to temporary surcharges, but earlier this year Canada negotiated an agreement with Mexico to exempt exports from the North American Free Trade Agreement partner.
The final safeguards also do not apply to a range of steel from developing countries, as well as to other countries with trade agreements with Canada: Chile, Colombia, Panama, Peru, South Korea and India.
Final security surcharges such as temporary surcharges will only take effect if foreign steel shipments exceed the historical average.
From now until October 2021, they have been applying. from now until now, they will slowly relax and give the industry time to adjust.
Trudeau and Trump on counter-attacks from China and ongoing steel tariff talksS.
Freeland says the U. S.
Tariffs must be part of the approval of a new nafta for each product, with tariff quotas (alimit, expressed in tons) set to three periods
The first two are one year and the third is 165 days.
The additional tax will be added to goods that exceed that quota.
For the broader market, the additional tax began at 165 in the first year, dropped first, and then dropped 10 in the last day.
For stainless steel wires, the additional tax rate starts at 25 per cent, then falls to 15 per cent after a year and down to 5 per cent for the last period of time.
Former White House economic adviser Christine McDaniel said the reason for the quick killing of the additional tax \"the sooner you end the additional tax, the less pain you bring to yourself \", he is now a senior researcher at mercatuscenter at George Mason University.
\"The longer they stay, the harder it will be for them to take off because the steel industry depends on these high prices because they are artificially induced and the real economic power does not boost prices.
He has been analyzing the impact of the United States. S.
Steel and aluminum tariffs, refuting the idea that Canada\'s safeguards (or lack of safeguards) have a significant share in Washington\'s decision --
Steel tariffs.
She pointed out that in order to prevent dumping of steel in unfair trade, there has been a long-term procedure.
Steel producers are \"louder\" in the current political climate and use this opportunity to get all the protection they can get, she said.
If Americans really worry about trans-gender
Customs authorities in both countries may find a way to verify the real source of steel entering the United States, she saidS.
Steel workers called for \"strong information\", but the union did not think so.
\"Unless Canada is prepared to send a strong message to the White House that we are prepared to protect our steel market, we will not be able to convince the United StatesS. to lift those . . .
\"Tariffs,\" spokesman Mark Rolinson said last month in the power and politics of the CBC News Network.
\"We \'ve heard stories about ships looking for warehouses in Canada, ships full of tons and tons crossing the ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.
\"But trade lawyers have raised objections to the possibility of this happening, pointing out the evidence that the tribunal has heard and considered before making the Morneau proposal.
There are 46 in Canada.
Jim McIlroy said: \"Dumping orders for steel products from 23 countries . \" On behalf of the client at the tribunal\'s hearing on January, he argued that Canada should not continue safeguards.
\"Entering Canada is not subject to anti-dumping duties, and it\'s not like there\'s a lot of steel going around.
\"Canada\'s system is very effective in preventing unfair trade in goods from entering the Canadian market.
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