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black stainless steel checker plate cost

by:Topson     2022-10-29
The cost of processing stainless steel checkered plate into black is high. Compared with ordinary stainless steel plate materials, one more coloring process is required. Generally, there are two coloring technologies: water plating and vacuum ion plating. Among them, vacuum ion plating has the best coloring effect and durability. plating technology. The black titanium stainless steel checker plate processed by vacuum ion plating has many advantages, not only makes the stainless steel black, dense and hard, more resistant to acid and alkali, but also makes the metal surface moist and bright, with good gloss.

The black titanium stainless steel checkered plate can also be processed by etching, sandblasting and other reprocessing processes, which makes the layered sense of this metal decorative plate more prominent, beyond the decorative style of general flatness, and enhances the dynamic and layered effect of the interior space. In the stainless steel checkered plate decoration industry, the commonly used materials are 201, 304, 316 and so on.

The rise of black titanium stainless steel checkered plate in the field of decoration is a new trend in the application of black culture in interior decoration and decoration design, because black stainless steel checkered plate metal is a fashionable and high-grade decoration and decoration material, giving people a noble and solemn impression. In the future, more consumer groups and designers will demand this material.

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