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Be careful when buying colored stainless steel plates

by:Topson     2022-07-15

Stainless steel products are more and more widely used. Stainless steel tubes and stainless steel plates are often used in the processing of these products. Stainless steel plate is used more, and with the increase of people's demand, the color is also more and more rich, so what is the meaning of buying color stainless steel plate?

Point 1: Observe the metal surface

Since the color stainless steel plate is mainly used for architectural decoration, its decorative appearance is particularly important. When consumers inspect the goods, they must strictly check whether there are problems such as color difference, scratches, trachoma, and surface watermark peeling off.

Point 2: Determine the surface coloring process

The stainless steel surface coloring process will affect the price. Water electroplating color: Gives an illusory, not delicate feeling, just like spraying, it will also cause waste water pollution, and the price is lower. Vacuum electroplating coloring: more environmentally friendly, does not produce toxic or polluting substances, so the price is relatively high.

Point 3: The quality of the protective film of the stainless steel plate

The surface of the color stainless steel plate is usually covered with a protective film to ensure the smoothness of the surface and avoid being scratched by hard objects. If the protective film of poor quality is left for a long time, it will appear powdery and not easy to tear, or a lot of glue will stick to the surface after tearing. When inspecting, it is advisable to tear apart a larger area to check the quality of the film.

Point 4: Identify the material

The commonly used color stainless steel plate materials on the market are 201, 304, 316 and other models. Of these models, the 316 has the lowest corrosion resistance, while the 201 is the Zest, and the prices vary widely. Therefore, some bad businesses usually use 201 instead of 304 and 316. Some companies will use the vacuum coating coloring process instead of the vacuum ion coating coloring process, which will cause the surface to fade, rust or even crack. Stainless steel panels are installed in many architectural decoration projects.

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