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ART SEEN: Patkau Architects design of new Polygon Gallery invites the public in to see art

by:Topson     2020-06-23
Into a public art gallery, what do you see?
Numerous rectangles
Interior white space with flat walls.
Also, in the exhibition area, you will find very few if there are any windows.
The art gallery will not isolate itself from the surrounding environment in order to deliberately isolate itself from the public-although this may be an unfortunate side effect.
They did so for practical reasons, including removing windows to protect the art from direct sunlight.
They also need a lot of ordinary walls to hang art.
But as John Pacho, head of the Art Gallery, said, the art gallery is part of the city\'s public life.
\"The exhibition space in the art gallery is essentially an introverted space because walls are needed to install the work that will be seen,\" said Patkau . \".
\"The problem is that those introverted spaces don\'t add animation to public life, ground planes, and the public domain.
\"I talked to Patkau about how to develop new designs at the foot of Lonsdale in North Vancouver.
This gallery, centered on photography and media art, looks like a silver bank crossing.
The prime location is on the west side of Lonsdale;
In the south, next to the new spiritual Trail, a bicycle and pedestrian route that eventually links Horseshoe Bay to the Deep Bay;
Drive north by Carly Katz court.
The compact footprint means two, he said.
Story Building 2,300 (25,000 sq ft).
\"We use multi-storey organizations to move the exhibition space to the second floor,\" he said . \".
I wrote an article on Saturday, November.
Apologize to the public.
The ground floor is designed to take advantage of the views of the Burrard entrance in downtown Vancouver.
It also includes lobby, gift shop, space for sculpture works of art and planned cafe space.
\"The bottom layer is transparent to the maximum extent, and the upper layer is opaque, which creates a strong condition for the bottom layer transparency to be tangible, he said in a telephone interview.
\"This is the main driver of the design.
\"Through low floor to ceiling windows, the ability to go straight through the first flooriron glass.
As Patkau explains, most of the glass is made of iron, which is painted slightly green. Low-
The iron glass is much more transparent.
There are four galleries upstairs.
Only three are works of art.
The fourth one is more
Space that can be used to showcase art and for wedding receptions, cocktail parties and other events.
The fourth gallery space has a balcony facing south and a complete
Retractable glass walls that can be opened in clear weather.
\"When you do this, it\'s an amazing thing,\" he said . \".
\"You will have this amazing room connected to the beach.
I\'m sure it will be the most popular wedding venue in summer because it overlooks the water.
\"Renting event galleries to generate revenue is an important part of the continued financial sustainability of polygon galleries.
But it does more than just generate income.
It can also indirectly introduce contemporary art to more people.
\"This space will be used by people who may be members or may not be members or are interested in art polygon galleries.
\"It will bring them into the gallery,\" Patkau said . \".
\"It will expose them to the art of architecture.
This, I think, is part of a public awareness and outreach campaign that will nurture their audience and provide financial support.
The wood on the stairs and upper floors is made of white oak.
Architect Patkau chose a wood with natural defects for practical reasons.
An ongoing engineering installation can include marking on the floor.
Gallery director Reid Shier does not want the defects of normal activity in the gallery to stand out as defects on the floor. The saw-
The tooth roof recalls the industrial heritage of the site. Saw-
The tooth top began in the 19 th century, developing for industry and manufacturing, producing even light for workers and machinery.
In polygons, the window produces indirect light to show the best art.
The building has a unique cladding, which Patkau considers the first to be used in the art gallery.
The original suggestion was to use stainless steel tile.
Patkau Architects used industrial metal grilles on polished stainless steel.
Grating is a non-
You can find the non-slip floor at the pier on the ramp.
\"The grille is an industrial product that is taken to the facade of the building,\" he said . \".
\"It has the characteristic of jagged perforation.
Behind that is the mirror.
Polished stainless steel.
It will turn the building into a chameleon.
\"On cloudy days, the building is of top quality and looks more melancholy reflecting the weather conditions.
On a sunny day, the sun flashes and dances on the facade.
\"It\'s a very dynamic and dynamic look, but it\'s subtle.
\"We don\'t want it to be too public-but we want to react to things like weather changes,\" he said . \".
The discovery of facade materials is purely an aesthetic response.
This is from the materials that the company is working on.
Based on the research program.
\"We have done a lot of innovative work on materials,\" said Patkau . \".
Patkau made a public art work at the Odegaard Undergraduate Library at the University of Washington in Seattle, aware of the properties of stainless steel. , 7. 6 m by 2.
9 m, made of folded stainless steel, designed to change the viewer\'s perspective and sense of space.
Mirrorfold is by John and Patricia Patkau (
He is also the principal of Patkau Architects).
\"It\'s not normal that we have this unconventional level of research in our practice,\" said John Patkau . \".
\"This brings these things to our project.
Designed the audan art gallery in Whistler.
AAG, which opened last year, won three architectural awards including.
AAG designed other works for art galleries in Vancouver
Construction Company.
Patkaus is now developing a hotel with panoramic views of Lake Superior.
The gallery is being designed and will open on 2020.
As an artist, John Patkau\'s work will begin on display at the exhibition on Thursday, November. 23.
Cutting/stretching is a workpiece made of steel plates placed under pressure to the point of failure.
Also at the Jones Gallery is the space garden, an exhibition of works by German sculptor Marcus Schaller.
Two exhibitions continued on Saturday, January. 13, 2018.
The first exhibition of the Polygon Gallery is.
It focuses on the work of 28 artists on North Vancouver. N.
Vancouver continued until April 28, 2018.
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