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applications of grc - glassfibre reinforced concrete - in building construction

by:Topson     2020-07-11
GRC is a highly durable building material that is suitable for the walls or facades of the exterior walls, as this material can withstand harsh weather conditions.
GRC panel India is one of the multi-purpose building materials available to engineers and architects.
It consists of a mixture of chemical additives, water, cement and special alkali-resistant fiberglass.
These are made of thin prefabricated products that offer high strength.
The GRC screen panel is made of high-strength fiberglass fixed in the cement background.
In this type, both the matrix and the fiber retain their chemical and physical properties, while providing a combination of properties that cannot be achieved by the two materials acting alone.
Fiber is the key load, usually-
However, when carrying components, the surrounding background keeps them in the selected position and direction.
Matrices act as load transfer media to protect them from climate damage.
In fact, these fibers provide strength for the matrix and other key functions in the GFRC material.
Fiberglass can be integrated into the matrix for continuous and discontinued length.
One of the most commonly used fiber applications
Reinforced concrete panels are a common laminated material that is achieved by combining a thin layer of matrix and fiber into the selected thickness.
It is possible to control the fiber arrangement and stacked arrangement of multiple layers in each film to produce a large amount of mechanical and physical properties of composite laminate.
However, GRC design drawings without steel boundaries are widely used for completely decorative applications such as exterior decoration, window decoration, limestone-
Like wall panels and decorative columns.
The design of the GRC panel India starts with information on its basic features (such as tensile strength, compression, bending and shear force, these features are associated with secondary stacking effects such as heat, creep, and moisture movement.
Structural metals and fibers-
The enhanced composites in the GRC screen panel are completely different.
For example, metals usually exhibit elastic and plastic deformation, while most fibers
Reinforced composite materials have elasticity under plastic stress
Strain properties.
However, the different behavior of these materials is high
Energy immersion on a microscopic scale comparable to the elastic process.
Based on the form and strictness of the external load, the performance of the composite laminate may be slowed down slowly, but usually not in a catastrophic way.
The damage development and growth processes of composite and metal structures are also quite diverse.
Other key features of many optical fibers-
Reinforced GRC design plate composites are their non-
The behavior of rust, high inhibition ability and low heat expansion.
Fiberglass concrete panels generally look like pre-
Pouring concrete panels, but varies on several other factors.
For example, the weight of the GFRC panel in India will be higher than that of the pre-
Pouring concrete panels due to its reduced thickness.
The fiberglass concrete panel is light in weight, reducing the superimposed load on the structure mechanism of the building.
This makes the structure more economical.
However, manufacturing costs may exceed specific costs when minimized handling, transportation, and fixed costs are considered to be fully saved.
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