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Application of Topson Stainless Steel Decorative Color Plate on Cabinets

by:Topson     2022-04-11


The stainless steel decorative color plate has a smooth surface and excellent performance. Usually a thin stainless steel plate is added to the surface of the high-density fireproof board. Stainless steel countertops are sturdy, easy to clean and functional. For consumers who emphasize 'practical' considerations or those who prefer a metallic feel, it is not impossible to buy a stainless steel countertop. Compared with stainless steel materials, high-grade granite and marble in natural stone are traditional raw materials for cabinet countertops, and black and white flowers are more commonly used. Natural stone has a beautiful texture, a hard texture, excellent scratch resistance and good abrasion resistance.


The stainless steel decorative color plate countertop has a 'hard' vision, giving people a 'cold' feeling. There is a lack of reasonable and effective treatment methods for corners and seams of cabinet countertops. The length of natural stone cannot be too long, and it is impossible to make a long overall countertop. The two parts cannot be spliced u200bu200btogether, and the gap is prone to bacteria breeding. 2. Natural stone has high density and requires strong cabinet support. Not only is it hard, but it's not flexible enough. If hit hard, it will crack and be difficult to repair. When the temperature changes drastically, some invisible natural cracks can also rupture. In addition, some natural stones may be radioactive, do not meet environmental protection requirements, and may cause harm to the human body.

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