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Application of stainless steel color plate in hotel decoration

by:Topson     2022-09-22

The starting point of our planning is to plan an environment suitable for dining, not just a hotel with interior decoration. They did create a 'modern space' rather than just a nicely decorated restaurant. In response to the deepening of the hotel's slender corridors, professional stainless steel color panels use arches (stainless steel screen arch spacing) to increase its perspective effect, which is similar to the traditional features of thresholds and corridors.

The entire interior of the hotel is the epitome of the facade decoration of the building, reflecting the continuity and freshness of the plan. The interior space consists of the ceiling, surrounding walls and floors. The combination of classical architecture and modern planning methods creates a truly artistic effect. Use a combination arcade to form an imaginary garden. The planning style of the teahouse is entirely derived from the owner's pursuit of Art Nouveau, making the teahouse a model of teahouse planning, allowing customers to enjoy the feast of the modern romantic era. This teahouse is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, covering an area of ​​more than 500 square meters. The two columns of the box building were provided to planners during planning, but the architects managed to overcome both obstacles and 'the plan became the highlight of the teahouse'.

Stainless steel color plates and stainless steel screens cut off the curved arches, which have become the prelude to the teahouse planning concept. The entrance to the tea house represents the style of the beginning of the century. The famous bronze goddess welcomes guests, and the chairs and fabrics are reproduced according to the style. Dim lighting makes the environment more attractive. Color choices are elegant lime green, pink, apricot and maroon. The colored bulbs form a common whole under the lily-shaped shade.

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