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Application of color stainless steel plate in elevator decoration industry

by:Topson     2022-08-12

When it comes to the application of colored stainless steel plates in the elevator decoration industry, I have to tell you about a development trend of materials in the elevator industry. I have been a sales manager for so many years. Many of my clients who do elevator decoration by hand are mainly located in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Today, I will focus on the development and changes in the application of elevator decoration materials for Beijing customers. This client cooperated with me in 2012. At that time, it was the peak period for the application of stainless steel materials. Most of the stainless steel plates were used in primary colors, such as 2B brushed plates, 8K mirror plates, and mirror sandblasted plates. The overall effect looked very comfortable and elegant.

In 2014, many stainless steel titanium plates became popular, and the stainless steel titanium plates won during the peak period of elevator decoration, most of my customers basically use the same style of the whole office building, and use colored stainless steel plates to make them. For example, yellow titanium plate, rose gold titanium plate, black titanium plate. In terms of color, we can meet different customer needs. In terms of senses, we can customize various patterns and use them in combination with pattern technology, which is a more high-end color stainless steel elevator decoration! Then, in the period of 2019-2020, our customers are no longer satisfied with the decoration at the titanium plate level. After all, there are some limitations in processing and application of colored stainless steel plates. In order to be full of multi-faceted needs. Our craftsmen began to fully cooperate with customers to start developing new metal materials. It is no less than the titanium plate in the senses, and it is also very suitable for the decorative performance in terms of processing performance. The focus is on the cost of the customer, which is greatly reduced in processing costs. Today, many of our customers have chosen such metal coating materials.

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