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Application occasions of color stainless steel checkered plate

by:Topson     2022-11-11
Color stainless steel checkered plate is widely accepted by merchants and users because it has the following characteristics;

Color stainless steel checkered plate is mainly used in the following occasions:

One is architectural decoration; such as skirtings, background walls, large curtain walls, column edging, etc., which are generally reflected in patterns and colors, representing products with etched plates.

The second is elevator decoration; it mainly includes the decoration of hall doors and car, and the applied processes include etching, mirror surface, titanium plating, sandblasting, etc. Through these combined processes, elevator decorative panels are formed.

The third is kitchen and bathroom decoration; such as bathroom cabinets, cabinet cabinets and cabinet doors, representative products include black titanium flower board, color stainless steel, wire drawing board, etc.

In fact, the application of colored stainless steel checker plate is far more than the above occasions. For example, many machine casings and subway platforms are also widely used. With the development of new products, and the concept of paying more attention to practicality and user experience, such products will accelerate market expansion and accelerate the beautification of my country's urban and rural living environment.

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