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Antique and old method of stainless steel processing industry

by:Topson     2022-12-16
Antique and old methods of stainless steel processing industry:

First of all, you have to choose the stainless steel you want to make old. There is no essential requirement for the model or size of this stainless steel, because the old stainless steel is actually the treatment of the appearance of the stainless steel.

When you choose stainless steel, you will start to enter the old process! First use sandpaper to polish the surface of the stainless steel or use hydrochloric acid to activate the stainless steel surface, and then enter the second step of the process after the grinding is completed.

Use stainless steel proprietary blackening agent and water to dilute with a ratio of 1:3. When the dilution is completed, put the stainless steel in it for immersion, and brush it with a brush, so that the stainless steel is evenly soaked in the agent. On average, if the stainless steel cannot be blackened evenly, it will lead to an unsightly final effect.

After the stainless steel is blackened, take it out, and then quickly put it into the water to stop drawing. The drawing of this step will affect the effect of the final old color, so during the drawing process, stop drawing according to the color you need.

During use, the furniture was hit by a sharp object and invaded, and then a piece was torn off, leaving a tear mark. Tear marks are one of the largest ways to deal with the damage to the surface in the antique and old craftsmanship. The parts of the tear marks generally show a rough structure, forming an old feeling. Since the tear marks are relatively large and destructive, the depth, size and number of the tear marks should be strictly controlled.

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