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after london fire, 600 tower blocks must be tested for flammable cladding

by:Topson     2020-07-14
The government is conducting an emergency security inspection of about 600 high places.
British officials said on Thursday that at least 79 people were killed last week when a tower in London was destroyed by fire.
The government is conducting an emergency security inspection of about 600 high places.
British officials said on Thursday that at least 79 people were killed last week when a tower in London was destroyed by fire.
The addition of the cladding during the renovation of Grenfell Tower may have played a role in the disaster of June 14, when the flame was at 24-
Residents said the multi-storey residential building trapped people inside.
The fires in Kensington and Chelsea in London put a lot of pressure on Prime Minister Theresa May, the worst since World War II in Britain. After her party lost a parliamentary majority in a hasty election, she was already fighting for her political survival.
The Grenfell tragedy is the focus of anger at the local government\'s cuts.
There are allegations of criminal negligence by the government, and if more buildings are considered unsafe, the government will face the task of placing people in existing social housing facilities that are already stretched.
\"The estimate that the Parliament has given us is about 600 high.
A spokesman for May told reporters: \"similar buildings . \".
She said the government has not yet conducted an assessment of Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.
Usually, cladding panels are added to the outside of the building to heat insulation, especially in the case of aging tower blocks, to improve their appearance.
The fire resistance of the panel varies depending on its intended use.
\"As far as the people who live in these buildings are concerned, we will do further testing to ensure that these buildings are safe --
\"Obviously, no one will live in an unsafe building,\" said Mei\'s spokesman . \" People will be relocated if necessary, she added.
A spokesman for the community and local government departments, who are responsible for testing the offices of these buildings, later said that the 600 figure is an estimate of how many layers of any form of cladding are available, instead of finally finding out how many layers are dangerous.
Earlier, May announced that the coatings used on some buildings were found to be combustible.
Her spokeswoman said three people were tested to be combustible. \"(We)
\"Of course, careful speculation should be made about what caused the fire, but as a precaution, the government has arranged to test the cladding on all the relevant towers,\" May told parliament . \".
\"I was told that some of these tests are combustible.
She said measures were being taken by the local government and the fire department to ensure the safety of the buildings affected and to inform the residents.
May has opened a public investigation into the fire and police have announced a criminal investigation.
She said that in the next 48 hours, the cladding test of Grenfell Tower will be made public.
The leader of the demolition Engineering Committee in Camden, another borough of London, said that after finding that the outer cladding panel did not meet the standards entrusted by it, the committee would take five properties from one local property.
The commission said it was notifying contractors to install a cladding consisting of aluminum plates with polyethylene cores and that it was receiving urgent legal advice.
It says that there will be circles before the panels are all removed-the-
Conduct fire safety patrols on the manor.
\"This is a wake-up call --
Call on the people of the country, \"said Jeremy Corbin, leader of the opposition Labor Party.
\"Tower residents across the country are worried, worried and scared about their own safety.
What we need is to change our attitude towards housing in this country.
\"After a slow apology for the country\'s response to the fire, May said Kensington and Chelsea Commission chief executive Nicolas Holgate was right to resign.
He said he was driven out by the government. (
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