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adding insulation to the exterior of my house.

by:Topson     2020-07-08
This is a long project, including carefully removing the aluminum wall panel of my home, installing a 1 inch thick foil surface foam insulation material and replacing the aluminum wall panel.
I had a small house that initially had a plaster look and was about 60 or 70 years old when the owner at that time installed aluminum wall panels.
The plaster is tied together with a 1x2 spruce board and aluminum siding, and the Brown backing material is attached to the bundle with an aluminum nail.
Starting with the installation of the wall panel, the wall panel must be removed from the top of the wall down, because it is installed up from the bottom of the wall, and the wall panel is interlocking.
I used a two-step ladder and an extension ladder. A hammer.
Three crowbars of different lengths.
Cordless drill with drill bit and screwdriver. A caulking gun.
A marker or pencil in China. A spirit level. Marker pen (Sharpie)
Straight edge 8 feet long. Razor knife.
People who need help
1 inch thick foil surface foam insulation, most of the plates I use are made by Johannes Mansville.
I measured the perimeter of my house divided by 4 and roughly estimated the number of boards needed.
A few rolls of external sealing tape, this is the red thing you see in the photo.
Coated wood screws 1 inch long.
Spray Foam for filling the corners and gaps missing from the plaster.
If the plaster is too damaged, the hardware cloth and nails of the foam board are also used.
External grade silicone and acrylic filler.
It is routine to remove the siding, install the insulation, tie and reinstall the siding.
There is also aluminum cladding around the window and must be removed and replaced.
When each wall part was done, the caulking around the window was done, and in the corner of the house I used the spray foam.
I fixed several large holes or missing plaster blocks as the project progressed.
The photo I showed here is a hole next to my fireplace stone chimney.
I speculate that the person who installed the wooden bundle missed the head of the nail several times, but for this particular repair, because when I purchased the house, the water was damaged due to the lack of the eaves slot, so repair is needed.
I installed the eaves slot after moving in.
I cut a piece of hardware cloth and fixed it in a hole with a foam fastening nail, they are in the picture with an orange plastic cap.
Then I used the spray foam and I came back a day later to trim off the excess foam.
The rigid foam is then applied to the rest of the space and glued to it.
I did this video because at the time I couldn\'t find any teaching videos about this kind of project.
I hope you have found this useful information.
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