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6 Best kitchen knife sets

by:Topson     2020-06-23
Whether it\'s the level of cooking or the dish at hand, the cutter is the most versatile and useful tool in the kitchen.
With the right set, even the most tedious and difficult cuts can be a breeze.
Cut the fight and find the perfect kitchen knife for you.
We tested each knife according to the basic kitchen task: cut onions, cut tomatoes, cut bread and cut hard vegetables.
Our test team consists of a chef, a professional caterer, a food stylist and an enthusiastic family chef to test from a variety of angles.
The knife group is usually composed of multiple knife groups.
Chef orsantokuknife, a smaller tool or a peeling knife and a bread knife.
You may also get a jagged knife or a silk thread knife, but you should choose one based on what you do most often in the kitchen --
If you \'ve never sat down for a Sunday barbecue, don\'t bother to buy a carving knife that will only be dusty.
A savvy chef might buy one.
They will use two excellent knives all the time, and then pick up the cheaper peeling knife and bread knife to finish.
When you are in the kitchen, buy a good kitchen scissors so you don\'t want to open the plastic package with your beautiful new knife.
If in doubt, please make a decision based on the chef\'s knife or three sentences as this is what you use most often.
Chef\'s knife has a slight rocking curve
Cutting movement and santokuis are good for upand-
Cut vegetables with large vegetables.
JustinKowbel from the Kitchen store in Kitchen, London suggests three things to look for with a knife: Sharp and sturdy;
How easy the food is to fall off the blade;
And the feeling in the hand.
Some knives are \"better\" than others due to the quality of the steel, but in the end the \"right\" knife is suitable for you.
If you live in a busy family, try Western
More wear-resistant, durable 22 ° blade angle and a cushion pillow that is easier to grip.
But if you are ready to take care of your knife, then go for a sharper Japanese carbon steel blade with an angle of about 16 °.
No matter what knife you end up buying, don\'t put it in the dishwasher.
Modern, affordable, and durable, this nesinoxknife suit is the first choice for our testers.
We love it here.
Drawer design to prevent knives from getting in the way.
This is a utility.
Driving kit, ergonomic, easy to operate
Handle and a range of excellent knives in Switzerlandmade steel.
They are durable enough for family life, so they are suitable for entry
There are as many level chefs as experienced chefs.
The Flu-shaped santokuis is lightweight and nimble, and we found that the deep blades made the work of the butter fruit pumpkin simple.
The bread knife makes a clean cut on the hard crust bread, and the jagged knife is the size to prepare the salad and tomatoes.
Buy a stylish one now
The design of the knife seat and pencil sharpener is the six major features of Robert Welch
Best seller of knives.
The chef\'s knife is only 14 cm and may be too small for some, but it would be great if you didn\'t like the bulky one.
The tilting support makes the grip firm, 15 ° Japan-
The edge of the style gives a satisfactory cut to hard vegetables.
We found the jagged tomato knife.
Thin slices, bread knife is good but a bit on the shorter side.
Testers like smooth, round handles and excellent balance with blades.
The magnetic actions in the storage slots also make them happy to collect and prevent them from becoming dull.
If you like the world, you will be impressed by the six-knife set.
The handle of TheHirorange is slightly longer than the classic Global Knife and heavier than the blade, but it is still lightweight and balanced with the iconic global knife handle.
Compared to all the other knives we tested, this set includes the most comprehensive tool.
There is no carving knife, but when you get an efficient multi-function meal knife, there is no loss, and the knife of 13cmand20cmchef can be switched between small and large tasks
Butternut squash is not glued to the chef\'s knife, and our testers like the surgical accuracy of this small Peeler, as well as the fine tips on all knives, this makes them outstanding in detailed tasks.
Its slender support will suit keen chefs to perfect their pinch, and ice
Hard, Cromova-
18 stainless steel blades have keen Japan-
Style edges that are easy to sharpen.
Buy now this classic knife set fromsabatierlook is stylish and beautiful to sit on the kitchen counter.
We love the elegant, slim handle of the traditional West knife design, but they may not be suitable for chefs with larger hands.
There was no peeling knife, but the tool knife doubled and the tester found it easy to use.
The jagged knife cut tomato is very thin and large enough to be a convenient second practical knife.
The fully forged nitrosteel blade has a 58 ° Rockwell hardness rating, and while the chef\'s knife is not as large as the other knives we tested, it is easier to manage and more sensitive to harder vegetables
Now buy this colorful set from Joseph, will not take up too much space on the counter, and comes with a simple handle with a stainless steel blade.
The pad doubles as a rest, so the knife won\'t stain the surface of your kitchen when you put it down.
Compared to the other economical tools we tested, the handle is a little larger on it.
Six knives, this is a good value set.
We like to join a14cmflutedstokufor for more dexterity and 16.
5 cm kitchen knife for larger chopping tasks.
The bread knife is stuck on the bread, but the gross nut fruit pumpkin is not glued to the chef\'s knife, and the jagged tomato knife is cut into smooth slices.
Buy this smart-looking Flying Knife suit right away with Japanese high
Carbon steel blades and unique practical metal finishes. The built-
The finger hook in the handle fits the chef who holds the knife there.
Scallopedsantokuknife weighs more than we expected, making it a much more reliable
Use the knife in the test.
The cheese nut pumpkin with a deeper blade cut is not stuck.
Matching15cmutility knife, one of which is jagged, is suitable for chefs who like more knives to complete multiple tasks.
This suit features two elegant models
The soundwood block takes up a small amount of space, but the smaller knife is a bit shaking in the slot.
Swiinox Swiss classic setis is the best choice for cost performance, efficiency and design.
They\'re not fancy, but you know, they\'ll last long in a busy kitchen.
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