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5 ideas for transforming a your kitchen into a modern classic

by:Topson     2020-07-02
The kitchen and dining room are the center of the family and should be designed and decorated in this way.
Here everyone gets together to cook, talk about their lives, do projects and homework, and there are many special moments.
In addition to enjoying the space yourself, a modern kitchen remodel will help make it easier for your house to sell if you are on the road.
What is considered \"modern \"?
The modern kitchen is usually used alternately with the modern kitchen, usually including smooth hardware and surfaces, plus a simple look.
Unlike traditional kitchens, modern aesthetics follows simple guidelines that are both chic and easy to create.
Think of the smallest decoration, horizontal line, non
Complex hardware, pay attention to the beauty of the material itself.
The modern kitchen is really a work of art.
This style features sharp, straight lines, bold shapes and neutral color schemes, which is a great choice for those who want a stylish kitchen that will stand the test of time.
One thing to consider, however, is the layout and style of the rest of your home.
The world\'s Vasi ipisidas
The famous kitchen designer reminded us, \"even if the kitchen is isolated, it needs the same look and functionality as the rest of the house.
\"It may not be the best idea for your particular family to try to force the use of a modern kitchen.
However, to help you decide, here are 5 ideas to transform your kitchen into a modern classic: 1.
Add a layer of fresh paint, the easiest and most effective way to change your kitchen from \"blah\" to \"woww\" and give it a fresh coat of paint.
The dark kitchen looks out of date, so choose natural tones that are neutral to bright, such as creams, white and gray.
Avoid painting the cabinets because the modern kitchen relies heavily on the beauty of natural materials in the space.
The natural texture of the gap or marble on the wood grain makes the space feel real and has real modern style features. 2.
The new tailgate and the elegant new tailgate of the countertoppsa can lift any kitchen to make it look more modern (and expensive).
Geometric tiles in white or gray tones are the most popular, matched with most countertops, and durable and easy to maintain.
Choosing a new countertop is also essential to update the look of the kitchen.
Be sure to invest in durable materials that can withstand all the confusion and environment you make in your kitchen.
Granite has always been a fashion and practical option, but some modern families choose natural quartz, soapy stone and recycled glass.
Similar to the tailgate, you want to keep the color neutral and natural.
If you are considering the new countertop in the kitchen, here is the average installation price of 2018 kitchen countertop: 3.
Trying to replace the old handle with the new handle helps to finish the look and feel of the kitchen space, however, it is also an easy way to do it without violating the budget, make your kitchen look a few years less.
Go long, tubular-style handles, extend the full distance of the drawer, or C-
A channel that produces linear flow.
All modern kitchens emphasize horizontal lines, so it is important to emphasize the long and wide lines of the countertops and cabinets.
It is considered that the simple lines are opposite to the gorgeous ones.
If your budget is tight, spray-
Paint the existing hardware to match the rest of the kitchen and refresh the room. 4.
Updating the kitchen Cottage is an important part of the modernization of the kitchen appearance and is updating the cabinets with new cabinets or facing the existing ones again.
By keeping the new cabinets simple and stylish, keep the lanes of modern aesthetics.
In the new kitchen, the cabinets without hands are very stylish, helping to make the smaller kitchen space feel bigger and cleaner.
If your lifestyle is not practical, artisan style cabinets are also a great choice.
Frameless cabinets are also an effective way to create a modern kitchen that helps maximize storage and looks very clean.
Whatever style you choose, stay neutral and natural in color. 5.
If your budget allows, it\'s better to splurge on new appliances when updating your kitchen.
This will not only enhance the look and feel of the space, but also increase the functionality and efficiency.
For a practical option with good contrast, when paired with light paint, natural wood, and strong horizontal lines, try to match the cabinets with black stainless steel appliances, a classic modern look
Versatile, Long
Installing a new device will change your space in function and form, which is lasting and worth seeing --
Decoration way worth the extra cost.
Here\'s the average cost of new appliances in 2018, if you want to know: Bonus tip: Keep it clean and tidy. Be sure to install enough storage space so you can hide unnecessary kitchen items such as extra small appliances, porcelain and other items
Drawer or junk drawer.
Think about how you will use the kitchen before organizing everything. You want to use the cookware and utensils you use most conveniently.
Place the pan bowl pans basin near the stove and place the plate near the dishwasher, helping to prepare meals and clean up as efficiently as possible.
After you \'ve done all of this modern kitchen work, the last important step is to keep the kitchen clean and tidy.
The key element of modern style is clutter.
Not only does the free work space look better, the chef in the kitchen will be happy too.
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