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4 easy ways to drain rain water from your swimming pool

by:Topson     2020-07-27
Did a recent heavy rain cause the water level in your pool to be too high and may even cause the water level to start to overflow?
If you are concerned that high water levels can cause problems with other swimming pools, it is wise to start drainage immediately.
Depending on the type of pool and equipment installed, there are many different methods that can be used to drain water from the pool and restore the water level to the correct level.
Submersible pump-
Using a submersible pump is the easiest way to drain too much rain from the pool.
Depending on the size of the pump, restoring the water level to the appropriate level should not exceed an hour or two (
Half of the oil spill Inlet).
If you don\'t have a pump and don\'t know anyone who can borrow it, the submersible pump can be rented at any local equipment rental store. Built-in drain-
You may already know if you have one, but many swimming pools are built with drain pipes built into the wall, which automatically drain when the water level is too high.
It is very common that these drains are blocked by debris over time, which makes them invalid.
If the drain pipe built into your pool is blocked, qualified plumbers should have the proper tools to clear it.
Standard garden hose
Check if there is a hose bib plugged into the pool equipment in your pool.
If so, connect a garden hose and open it and the water starts to drain whenever the pool equipment is on.
Be careful to monitor the water level during this process.
If there are too many drains, you may experience other pool problems.
Pressure side pool cleaner
For a pool with a pressure pool cleaner (
Automatic cleaning agent for water pressure drive generated by swimming pool equipment)
The cleaner can drain the water from the swimming pool with a water feeding hose.
Simply remove the cleaning head from the feed hose and use the water pressure that normally moves the cleaner to drain.
Again, pay close attention to the water level in the process and do not let the water level drop too low.
As the owner of a pool, after a heavy rain, it makes sense to be prepared to drain the rain from the pool.
This happens every year, after all, and I guess the problem will never go away!
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