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17 designer details to use in your kitchen

by:Topson     2020-08-23
The design of Barbra Bright, HouzzGreat is about the details-
Especially when you do it right, you don\'t notice it at all.
As a kitchen designer, I have a lot of special tips to create gorgeous kitchens that are beautifully functional.
Here are 17 secrets of my best kitchen design.
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All award-winning kitchen and bathroom remakers about outlets1. Color-
Coordinate outlets.
Local building codes generally state that there must be a power outlet in the kitchen every 4 feet metres.
The white socket seems to be the preferred color for the Electrician
This is the root of my design.
The white socket on the non-white tailgate makes a sharp contrast, reducing the aesthetic feeling of the tile.
Fortunately, you can avoid this dilemma by coordinating your socket and wall panel with the color of your tailgate tile, as shown in the figure.
You can get from local lighting and big-
Box Shop and Houzz. 2.
Install the bottom cabinet plug forming.
A choice of chaos
The free tailgate is installed under the wall cabinet. 3.
Mixed socket style.
I always ask the client if there will be a toaster or coffee machine on their counter.
If so, I added a wall socket behind that device because it would always be plugged in.
Otherwise, when the wire is formed from the plug above, it will be clearly visible.
Remember to combine the mixture of the socket and plug forming into your design. 4. Go for pop-up outlets.
Another option for the socket --
The free tailgate is popular
The outlet that disappears on the countertop.
These are especially useful in places where no wall cabinets hide plug forming strips.
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Turn the socket horizontally.
If wall sockets are the solution you want, install them sideways and close to the counter to get a less eye-catching profile than the normal vertical direction. 6.
Create a charging station.
A large number of devices need to be charged today.
Create a docking drawer with hidden charging stations so you can make your smartphone and ipad invisible.
Lighting secrets of style and function.
Task lighting is provided.
The main purpose of the cabinet lighting is to illuminate the countertop, which in turn makes the preparation of food easier on the eyes.
That\'s why it\'s called Mission lighting.
Always install the task lights in front of the cabinet, not behind.
If the light is close to the back wall, it will mainly highlight the tailgate, not the counter, which defeats the purpose of the light. 8.
Let the cabinet shine.
In the past, the lighting inside the closet meant that each shelf had to be glass.
The light source comes from the top of the cabinet and needs to penetrate the shelves to illuminate the shelves below.
The farther away from the light source, the darker the shelf.
But time and lighting have changed, and these days I prefer to have LED lighting strips on both sides of the cabinet.
In this way, each shelf can shine.
Hide the LED light strip behind the face frame of the cabinet.
If it is a frameless cabinet, it will be fitted with a ready groove embedded in the side wall of the cabinet.
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Hide the dishwasher with paneling
Whether you are in a paneled refrigerator or not, you can consider the paneled dishwasher for a clean, harmonious look, and the stainless steel appliances next to the sink will not be interrupted.
In this photo, the dishwasher is located on the left side of the sink. 10.
Hide the microwave.
In most kitchens, the microwave is still an integral part of heating drinks and leftovers.
Most customers would rather not see them than take up valuable counter space.
One option is to hide them in the closet with an elevatorup door. Hood Smarts11.
Don\'t squeeze on the hood.
When using a chimney cover, always leave at least 2 to 3 inch between the cover and the wall cabinet.
Visually, the Hood does not look crowded and the sides of the cabinet will remain clean for a longer time. 12.
Rethink the glass cabinet next to the hood.
The glass cabinets placed next to the hood create a lovely focus, but are they practical?
Unless you\'re ready to keep cleaning up the grease and dirt that comes out of the cooking process, it\'s better to install them elsewhere.
Avoid Troubles.
Define the area.
When planning the kitchen, consider preparing and cleaning the area.
Do you really want your cleanup pool to be filled with dirty dishes on the island?
Put the prepared sink on the island and collect the cleaned sink. 14.
Make the most of the preparation space on the island.
I like symmetry, and I will put the sink in the center of the island over the years.
But unless the island is 9 feet long, the preparation area on both sides of the sink is limited.
These days I put the sink on one side of the island to allow the maximum room for preparation.
Another consideration when placing a sink on the island is the height of the faucet.
The higher the faucet, the more it becomes the focus. 15.
Sink the screws.
A lazy Susan cabinet with two doors next to the cabinet often has scratches over time.
This is because when the door is closed, the head of the screw that holds the Lazy Susan\'s cabinet hardware in place stands out and scrapes adjacent cabinets.
Here is a simple solution: let your contractor put the screw counter in so that the head of the screw is not flush with the wood and does not stand out. 16.
Account stored by Lid.
Having to store the lid can be a nightmare.
There are a lot of ways to solve this, but my favorite thing is to create a partition in the pull out drawer. 17.
Clear the deck.
Don\'t forget to add some accessories such as soap dispenser and air switch to prevent sundries on counter and tailgate.
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